is a white-label ecommerce platform that helps retailers sell online.

Backed with 20+ years experience, simplifies ecommerce using Shopify.

handles order fulfillment, as an extension of your team.

offers a full range of FREE marketing and promotional services.

is a partner program created by Natural Health Distribution

Who is

NHD Direct builds websites so you can use the internet to enhance your business

Whether your business is in natural health retailing, a natural blog and social media influencer sports health (gym or club)  or any natural modality ( massage therapist, chiropractor etc.), as long as you believe in natural health and natural health supplementation, NHD Direct (Natural Health Distribution) should be your go-to company for bringing your business to life on the internet. 

The internet has become the number one channel consumers use when sourcing a business or looking for a solution to a problem. If you are not present on the internet, you could be missing out on the biggest opportunities to get noticed and to bring recognition to your business. 

Does your business name appear when a potential customer surfs the web looking for a product or business? Did you know that without an active website, a consumer may question how valid your business is?  

We create, customize and manage your Marketplace for you

You connect your  Marketplace to a new or existing domain

We handle customer service, product catalogue, inventory & pricing

We manage, process, & ship your orders

We handle all financial & sales tax reporting

We handle all financial & sales tax reporting

We provide you with Marketing materials that you can use on social media or in email campaigns

Top reasons to work with

Bring your business to life on the internet

Create an on-line platform to market your business

Create a new revenue stream by selling online

Increase your in-store revenues using NHPDirect’s Store Extension Program

Keep customers loyal by offering them the choice to buy in-store or online

Take advantage of NHPDirect’s full range of FREE marketing and promotional services

Increase your product offering without the added costs of in-store inventory

Get a monthly report of your sales and have your profits deposited directly into your bank account
Control the look and feel of your online store
No pick, pack and shipping to deal with
Add your database to the website for easy promotional management

Benefit from FREE website support, guidance and training

How it Works

Book a call with us

We will gather some business information

We will create your website and get your set up

Book a meeting with the NHD Marketing Team

Start promoting your website



One-time setup fee

Your monthly Shopify Plan, plus 10% fulfillment fee


How long does it take to get set-up and live?

After speaking with an NHPDIRECT representative and making the decision to go forward, your site can be fully operational in 2 – 3 weeks.

What is Shopify?
Shopify is a subscription to a software service that allows businesses and individuals to create a website and use their shopping cart solution to sell and ship their desired products. Shopify powers nearly a million businesses worldwide, making it one of the world’s most powerful e-commerce platforms.
Are there other monthly costs to join outside of Shopify plan?

There are no ongoing costs other than your Shopify Monthly Plan (starting at $US29/month), and a small charge to use the Shopify Email System (should you chose to use it).

Do I have to enter into an Agreement?
Yes, it’s a Services Agreement with Natural Health Distribution Ltd. (NHD). It spells out our services and obligations, and can be cancelled by you upon 30 days’ written notice.
After I am set-up what do we need to do?

You’ll need to complete these 2 forms in order for us to administer and build your Shopify website. 1. Client Data Form and 2. Development Data Form

Can I set my own prices? Am I permitted to put products on sale?

While individual product pricing is handled by NHD, you can adjust the overall margin of you site. Example : you can set your overall margin at 35%, or 38% or 40% or whatever you would like.  You can definitely put whatever products you want on sale for any period of time, however, you can’t sell items below MAP.

Can I just have a “shop” button that links from my existing website?
Absolutely. The SHOP button can link with your new Shopify site, allowing you to maintain the look and feel of your existing site.
Are we limited to selling only the products you carry?
Yes, but every effort is made to carry the products you feel are most important. We’re open to requests!
How soon are orders shipped after a sale is made?
Our standard is 2 business days, but currently over 95% are shipped the next business day.
How do I know if a sale has been made through my store?
You will receive emails notifying you of purchases.
How are product returns handled?
NHPDIRECT handles all product returns and customer concerns. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and don’t charge a restocking fee. If there’s a problem with the order, we arrange for return shipping or provide a refund without requiring a return. If a customer changes their mind, we ask that they ship the product back to us and we provide a full refund once received.
Who is responsible for collection and remittance of taxes?

NHPDIRECT is responsible for collection and remittance of taxes. The tax collected and remitted is based on the location where the order originated.

How are profits per sale calculated?
Your Profit = Retail Price Paid By the Consumer Minus Actual Cost Of Goods Sold – 10% (NHPDIRECT‘s fulfillment fee) – 3% Credit Card Fee.
Shipping fees are paid by the customer below the level you set for Free Shipping (e.g. Free Shipping over $60) – above that it’s your cost.
How are profits sent to me and will I receive a report?
Profit calculations are done monthly and sent to you by cheque or EFT transfer. You will receive a full report on a monthly basis.
Does NHP Direct do marketing for my store?
Yes. NHP provides regular promotions, wellness articles, social media posts, and banners at no charge, just for being an NHPDirect Partner.
Do I have to participate in the NHD Marketing Programs?
There are some parts to NHD Marketing that are required, such as banners, some featured products, and wellness articles. However, you are not required to patriciate in social media promotions or eblasts if you choose not to.
Does NHP Direct offer additional marketing services?
Yes. We offer the following marketing services: graphic design, social media postings, e-blasts, website banners, newsletters, flyers and blog writing.
Speak to one of our onboarding specialists to get started.
Can I add a newsletter, flyer or blog to my site?
You can add all three! In fact, NHD Marketing provides regular wellness articles and promotions that you can use.
Can I attach social media accounts to my site?
Yes, you can attach all of your existing online connections to your site
Who owns the customer information?
You, as retailer own all the customer information. We will not use, share, sell or reveal this information to anyone without your written permission.
If I have a Customer Database, can it be loaded to my Shopify site?
You are not required to load your Customer Database to your Shopify site unless you want NHPDIRECT to look after sending eblasts to you customers. In such a case, you can upload it yourself, or we can look after it for a one time fee of $50.
Who is NHD Marketing?
  • NHD Marketing works with all of our suppliers to provide ongoing marketing programs to all of
    our NHPDirect partner sites, at no charge.
  • NHD Marketing co-ordinates Featured Products, banners, promotions, webinars, and more!
I am supplier, how do I get my products listed with NHPDirect?
Call 1-800-339-1932 and talk to our team.

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